Potentilla Lovely Pink

While our Summer has been slowly washed down the proverbial drain by the never ending rain, I hope your desire to get out into the garden has not been lost. There are a few rare floral treasures that can pull us back from the brink of despair and raise our spirits, ensuring that we still continue to don our wellingtons!

Potentilla Lovely Pink is exactly that – lovely. I have always liked the happy, confident yellow and orange colours produced by this wonderful shrub. The flower of the Potentilla Lovely Pink is much more subtle and almost embarrassed by its prettiness.

Potentilla Lovely Pink

Potentilla is a hardy, deciduous shrub which shrinks back into the border every Autumn/Winteradopting a twiggy appearance. It emerges very slowly in Spring, gradually coming to life and then hops, skips and jumps into July with vigorous growth and an abundance of bud.

The flowers are pink semi-doubles and completely cover this hardy shrub. It has a globe like habit and attractive dark green foliage. It will continue to flower throughout July and August.

Potentilla Lovely Pink

Potentilla Lovely Pink is a small, compact shrub which will appreciate an early Spring cut and shape prior to its new Spring time growth.

Bring some fresh, dewey flora into your garden and let its bashful innocence charm you outside, forgetting all about the grey clouds and rainy days.

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