Chimonanthus – Winter Sweets

There are certain plants which are at their best when they have lost their leaves during the Winter including Hamamelis (witch hazel) Cornus (dogwood) and Corylus avellana contorta (twisted hazel). Chimonanthus praceox is one such plant, coming into its own from December-February.

Chimonanthus – Winter Sweets

Chimonanthus – Winter Sweets are a genus containing six species of both deciduous and evergreen shrubs. It is a vigorous, upright shrub which is best left unpruned as it matures. They are easily grown and are happiest planted against a sunny wall. They succeed in well drained soil and are extremely content in chalky ground.
The Chimonanthus praecox produces yellow flowers stained purple at the centre which exude the most fragrant of scents during the Winter months.
I think this would be a stunning addition to any Winter garden especially planted where those delicate flowers and intoxicating scent can truely be best appreciated. Please click on this website for available sizes and prices.

The ‘lantern tree,’ is our chosen plant this month and looks breathtaking at the moment. It is displayed amongst Himalayan Birch, red Acers, Bamboo & Azaleas here at Dyffryn and fits into a Japanese theme perfectly.
Crinodendron is an upright, evergreen shrub with narrow, dark green, glossy foliage. Hanging, lantern like scarlet flowers are produced in early summer.
It prefers a moist, well drained acid soil in a shaded spot away from direct sun and cold winds.

As an evergreen shrub, Crinodendron is a wonderful garden addition but the delicate, scarlet lanterns which hang from it during early Summer make it a definite must have plant.

I love plants that surprise you!

The Feijoa at first glance is a statuesque, graceful shrub with green grey, rounded foliage. I thought that it would be at home in a bright, warm border providing a nice backdrop of foliage for the lower, brighter herbaceous perennials..but no!

Very small grey ‘Peonie’ like buds began to appear in early July, gradually revealing the most exquisite sub tropical like flowers! Its flowers’ form and colour, although slightly different, remind me of the Passion Flower, screaming of exotic lands far far away!

The ‘Pineapple guava’ is a large shrub and can be hardy when planted in a sunny, sheltered position. The foliage is grey green with a white, soft underside. The flowers have fleshy crimson and white petals and a central grouping of crimson stamens. Fruits can also be produced after a hot summer. Both the flower petals and fruits can be consumed and have a rich, aromatic flavour.

The beautiful Feijoa is best appreciated on a terrace or deck as a Specimen, planted amongst other plants with sub tropical foliage and flowers such as Passifora, Fatsia, Bamboo or Mimosa! Plant them and lay back on a warm Summer evening in your own exotic private paradise!

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