5 Top Choices For The Garden

So, you have probably finished the interior of your home and you are ready to create that outdoor space that you have always dreamed of. I think the path from the house to the garden should be a journey from the ground floor, onto decking or paving, then onto a lawned area or crazy paving to a vista that can be viewed to the very back of you property.

Here are my 5 top choices for the garden to create a wonderful outdoor experience.

  1. Bi Folding Doors – French doors are so yesterday! Bi fold doors are so popular because you can easily open these doors to open up your whole ground floor to the outside. The doors are usually almost the complete width of the back end of the house. With a low foot bar, one can effortlessly step into the garden. Also any furniture, food or drink can easily be carried in and out, from the indoor area out to your wonderful garden. Here is one of the best bi fold suppliers around.
  2. Patio Area – So what are you going to step on to when you pass through your trendy bi fold doors? You could lay a stone patio, I recommend limestone paving, it looks so natural and the Chinese version contains fossils which are so beautiful and interesting. You could go for timber decking, although that is a bit passe nowadays. If you have endless funds, Yorkshire stone paving looks fantastic and will last forever.
  3. What Are You Going To Put On the Patio Area? – there are many useful garden gizmos you could buy, I suggest metal garden furniture, try Outside Edge. You could also consider rattan garden furniture. Don’t buy wood patio furniture, it rots and need loads of treatment. Then you need to a get a BBQ, I would get really good quality and these gas barbecues from the Broil King are the best.
  4. The Best Lawn To Plant – you could plant seeds or buy grass turf. For ease and quickness go for the turf, remember to water regularly and put the turf down in the spring. These guys offer a great national delivery service for rolled grass turf.
  5. The Vista – you need height for your vista. Plant mature trees or tall shrubs at the back of your garden so the the eye follows a natural rise to the edge of your garden. This is the principle that the famous English garden landscaper Capability Brown used with such great effect in the 18th century. Go to RuskinsTrees for great quality.

Good luck and you had better invite me round when your outdoor area is finished!

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