How To Keep Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture Looking Like New

I like to publish this article from time to time. We have published numerous posts in the past that into the care and maintenance of cast aluminium or rattan garden furniture, nevertheless, as with any blog these posts take down the page as we publish new material making it a little harder to search for.

Although, they are ranked and appear in Google searches, etc., but it is good to reconsider important topics. To make the things pertinent, we can add a new tip that can be extracted, or talk about the new cleaning products that we found etc.

The care and maintenance of outdoor furniture are very significant. Our furniture is an investment you want to see last for many summer to come, not replacing it after a few years. And believe me, it will last. With a little regular TLC, cast aluminium garden furniture could have a lifespan of fifteen, maybe twenty years or more. It is built to resist nature nothing can throw, and washing from time to time with a little washing liquid and warm water, followed by a thorough rinse and dry with a soft towel is all that is necessary. Maybe a bit of car wax, but we will come back later in the post

Keep your cast aluminium garden furniture looking as best as the first day you purchase it

  • The main method of keeping our case aluminium fused garden furniture like a brand new is really common sense, but you’d be amazed the number of times customer have made mistakes in the past. Metal garden furniture is planned to be outdoor, but everything that is exposed to Mother Nature, is susceptible to elements, bird droppings, accumulation of dirt in general, etc. So the protection is the key. Unlike wood, for example, you cannot simply sand and re-paint, but you should not do it. The aluminium casting will not rust or rot, end cover will provide all needs for cast aluminium protection, and no oxidation. It is designed to be outdoor in all weather conditions; however, some simple steps will make it look like new for many years to come.


  • We have already mentioned keeping it clean by washing it with hot water and soap. It is simply to avoid abrasive sponges / brushes or hazardous chemical cleaners etc. Treat your furniture exactly the way you would treat your car. In fact, I regularly use a car cleaning kit to clean my furniture. The car shampoo is impeccable, a suede is a great way to help dry while light (and I must insist that you need a very small amount on a dry cloth) a good car shield / Polish wax is ideal to add a little more protection and restore the brightness of our furniture.


  • Be sure to keep an eye on the stones bumps in the paint of our furniture. This can be the beginning of the most serious problems. They appear more frequently on the legs of chairs and tables, when pulled through the stone courtyards.


  • Easy to repair, all you need is our paint retouching, and the following video provides a step by step guide to tackle this simple task. So it is easy to do, but very important you do when you see a chip. If you need a touch-up kit, please contact us.


  • As our furniture has a slightly structured finish, an alternative to car wax, which may be a bit difficult to apply on some of the rooms, it is possible to periodically apply some oil to the surface after cleaning. As well as waxing the car, it will prevent dirt from accumulating faster and restore the lustre. I find it a little easier to apply and shine up than the car wax.


  • Car shampoo that has a wax element in it, is also good for use. This will also help make the furniture zero of moisture and dirt, and give it a nice shine. Just keep in mind with baby oil, you can make the surface greasier if you use too much, so be careful. If you are not satisfied with the result, then you can wash it with warm water and soap.


  • It should also be noted here that the level of care required always depends on the condition of the furniture. What I’m talking about here is a proactive plan for newly purchased parts. If you have neglected your outdoor furniture for one or two seasons and you need a deeper cleaning then you may need to invest in some specialty products. If you always use it on the odd day of sunshine, you seem to get it, then it might be best to leave it for a few months and do this after summer. However, a quick option to get all the dirt removed is the removal of the engine. Always use the least power and try it on the bottom of a seat that to test. I would not use a washing machine on my set, but some people do.
  • If the accumulation of dirt, etc., is not so bad, then you can try to wash it with soap and water, to which you can add a little vinegar or lemon juice. This can aid to cut through the dirt without damaging the finish. Most of the water is slightly alkaline anyway, so anything you do, do not add TSP, ammonia or any cleaning soda / crystal which can actually damage the surface of the furniture.


  • To make your cast aluminum furniture be at its best, you can store or cover your furniture when not in use for an extended period of time. This is really the best way to keep your outdoor furniture like brand new. To be honest, I picked up a cover from Amazon and spent more time on furniture at that time. Summer 2016 has been so pretty pants so far. But all the jokes aside, when I’m not using my set, I pull the lid to keep the bird poo etc. outside. The Tarp style cover was only 20 pounds or more, so it is money well spent. That means I have to clean it up when I want to use it. I can remove the lid and set the table for a family barbecue. Indeed, my set is about 2 years old, but does not have space in the garage for you, so it sits outside in the garden all year round with only a protective cover. I only cleaned it once in all this time, and to be honest without cleaning it was more just to get off the cobwebs. I just give it a quick wash with a little soapy water as we clean the rest of the yard!

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