How To Remove The Lid On A Push Button Toilet

A Silly Subject? Wait Until It Happens To You!

It might seem like a silly question, but think about – how do you remove the lid on a push button toilet? There are no obvious screws and it doesn’t just lift off. You could do damage to yourself and the cistern by trying to force it up, so instead read this simple way to get it off quickly and easily.

You should first check a manufacturer’s guide if you’re unsure, but most push button cistern lids lift in one of two ways. First try gently pressing down the outer ring of the button and turning it anticlockwise in order to remove the button. If this doesn’t work, use the edge of a flat screwdriver to gently prise the button upwards. This should reveal one or more screws.

You now need to remove this screw. This will allow you to lift the chamber that surrounds the flushing button. If it is a little stiff, it can be prised off with a screwdriver as before. It is then very simple to lift the whole lid away from the cistern.

Replacing it is simply a matter of putting the lid back on, replacing the chamber and the screw, then finally the button and the ring surrounding it.

  • check manufacturers guide
  • press down on the outer ring of the seat button
  • remove screw and lift chamber
  • replace the chamber and put back crew, button and ring

There easy and no huge plumbers bill!

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